21 Oct 2020

We are seeking lawyers to join the Juripop-squad

You represent victims of domestic or post-separation violence ?

Juripop offers free legal services to anyone who has experienced or witnessed conjugal, family and post-separation violence in Quebec. Do you have an inclusive, intersectional understanding of the implications and complexity of this phenomenon? We are bringing together an extraordinary team of volunteer or participating lawyers (accepting legal aid or private mandates) from across the province and practicing in all areas of law to offer diversified, comprehensive and localized services. 


What is the Juripop-squad? Lawyers who are part of the squad will have access to a network, opportunities for exchanges and discussions, free continuing legal education seminars, resources, guides, and more.

Who? Lawyers who bring issues of conjugal violence to the forefront and advocate for the legal protection of victims.


How to get involved? Send in your application by filling out this form (in french only). 

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