Juripop, A non-profit organization at the heart of human rights!

Juripop fights, first of all, to improve access to the justice system for all citizens. It as well promotes the defense of social, economic and human rights. More specifically, the Clinique juridique Juripop offers legal services at very modest cost to people excluded from the government legal aid, but who are financially unable to pay for the defense of their rights. Moreover Juripop is a social entreprise constantly launching innovative projects in the field of legal awareness such as conferences on informing citizens of their legal rights and obligations.


  • Providing services to support accessibility to justice. 


  1. To prevent the emergence of conflicts and to act on the deterioration of people’s living conditions, economic capacity and health;
  2. To accompany people who are looking for answers to their needs by proposing solutions to their problems in a perspective of autonomy;
  3. To inform and educate citizens with respect to their legal rights and obligations in order to ensure a greater social cohesion;
  4. To improve access to the justice system; and
  5. To offer, as part of their educational and vocational training, a relevant and stimulating learning environment to students.

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Do you need a lawyer ?

In order to improve access to justice, citizens meeting Juripop’s eligibility criteria can register as members of the organization and have access to the organization’s law firm, Avocats Juripop inc., which offers legal services at low costs. The eligibly criteria include, notably, to be excluded from the government legal aid and to demonstrate a financial incapacity to pay for legal services at usual rates.

Request for assistance to the Clinic

To complete a file opening request, you must be a member of the Clinique juridique Juripop for the sum of $ 20 per year. You can find the online application form below.

The membership gives you all democratic rights under the general rules  of the non-profit organization, including the right to vote at the annual general meeting and to take part in the election of the Board of Directors. You will be asked to pay your membership fee at the end of the application form. Please note that the $ 20 fee is not refundable even if your file is not accepted or cannot be handled by our lawyers. It is your responsibility to check whether or not your matter falls under an area of law covered by our services.

Fees charged by the law firm (Avocats Juripop Inc.) To members of the Clinique juridique Juripop. If your application is accepted, an administrative fee of $ 50 plus taxes must be paid as administrative expenses at your first appointment.

In addition, legal fees fee will be charged at $ 55 or $ 65 per hour, depending on your income and the area of law at issue, all based on eligibility criteria determined by Juripop.

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