About us

Juripop’s mission is to ensure access to justice in order to guarantee the respect, autonomy and dignity of individuals and to contribute to the achievement of a just, egalitarian and inclusive society.

To this end, Juripop is committed to offering creative, accessible and inclusive local legal services that meet the concrete needs of all people.






Our history

In 2009, law students participate in a course on access to justice. They are shocked to learn that, at the time, a person working full time at minimum wage does not have access to government legal aid: the free component of the program is reserved for people earning less than $12,149 a year, almost $8,000 less than minimum wage. In the hallways, a discussion ensues: this injustice must end.

Juripop opens its doors a few months later. Its mission? To provide legal information to those forgotten by the system, those who are too rich for government legal aid, but too poor to hire a lawyer.

In its early years, the organization offers free information sessions, a moot competition, and a tour of Quebec for seniors. Its volunteer lawyers and notaries travel close to where people live and offer free legal information in the metro and in city parks.

  • 2009

    Juripop opens its doors in Saint-Constant, on the South Shore of Montreal

  • 2015

    First free legal consultations in the Montreal metro

  • 2018

    Juripop deploys a program of legal services for victims and survivors of violence

  • 2023

    Through partnerships, legal services are offered to people living with cancer and multiple sclerosis

At the same time, Juripop takes charge of cases of public interest in order to give a voice to those whose rights are too often violated. Quebec’s caregivers, maple spring students and trans youth benefit in turn from Juripop’s support to assert their rights.

The organization also acts as a first responder when sudden events disrupt the lives of Quebecers. The day after the train tragedy in Lac-Mégantic, its lawyers went to the site to inform citizens who had lost loved ones and possessions. Juripop shows the same reactivity during #MeToo by accompanying victims and survivors of sexual violence in their various legal procedures.

After more than a decade of existence, Juripop is one of the leaders in access to justice in Quebec and offers services throughout the province.

Employée de Juripop portant un chandail avec le logo de l'organisme


Meet us

Organizational structure

Juripop is a non-profit organization governed by a board of directors that ensures the realization of its mission.

  • 7 303

    litigants represented before all courts in the country

  • 31 830

    people informed of their rights in the metro, park or community center

  • 1 783

    volunteers mobilized by our projects

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* Please note that Juripop is not able to issue donation receipts for tax purposes at this time.

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