25 Sep 2020

Juripop obtains one of the first civil protection orders in a context of domestic violence

A step towards a justice better adapted to the needs of victims of domestic violence

Civil protection orders were created in 2016 to add an additional tool to protect victims of domestic violence who have not yet filed a complaint with the police, or do not wish to do so. 

This order help ensuring the protection of someone whose life, physical or psychological health, or security is threatened in a context of domestic violence. It can prevent a violent partner from approaching the victim’s place of residence or work, or force the violent partner to turn over its firearms.

Raising Awareness About this Important Tool

A few years after its creation, this tool is still not well known and underused in cases of domestic violence or post-separation violence. Promoting it is, in fact, one of the targeted actions in the Government action plan 2018-2023 on domestic violence.

Juripop wishes to emphasize that domestic violence is a crime and that victims of domestic violence have to file a complaint with the police to receive an immediate protection for themselves and their children. 

Juripop obtained this order in one of the 25 cases led for free by the organization to identify the legal needs of victims of domestic violence. These services can be provided at no cost thanks to a $2.6 M grant received from the government of Quebec.

A Very Busy Helpline

This same grant also allows Juripop to operate, since last spring, a legal helpline to answer family law questions from victims of domestic violence. Since its launch, this helpline receives 8 to 10 calls every single day on matters ranging from child custody to access to the family residence.

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