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Legal Assistance For People Living With Cancer

Thanks to the collaboration of the Quebec Cancer Foundation, we can offer legal services to people living with cancer in Quebec and hopefully lighten some mental burden by supporting them in their legal undertakings.

About This Project

Our legal consultation service for people living with cancer is a telephone consultation service that allows any person living with cancer in Quebec who is financially eligible for this project to speak to a lawyer quickly and free of charge.

During the phone call with the lawyer, the person will be able to ask questions, obtain legal assistance and be referred to resources likely to meet their needs in the context of their case.

How it works

Legal assistance is available to anyone living with cancer who has a family income that does not exceed the following thresholds:


Family unit maximum household income*
A single person 26 426 $
2 people 32 899 $
3 people 40 445 $
4 people 49 106 $
5 people 55 695 $
6 people 62 814 $
7 people 69 935 $

* Gross income (before taxes).


Fill out this form and we will contact you within two business days.

Fields of law covered

Juripop’s lawyers can answer questions in civil law (housing, contracts, and most day-to-day legal needs), business and family law (separation, child custody, alimony, etc.), as well as some questions in labour law.


At this time, lawyers do not provide services in medical law, immigration law, tax law, criminal law, and youth law.

Legal services available

We are able to offer you legal services of the following nature:

  • Legal consultations and advice
  • Drafting documents and correspondence
  • Analysis and drafting of formal notices
  • Negotiations and mediation preparation


Please note that we do not offer representation in court.

This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Quebec Cancer Foundation and the Fonds D’Etudes Notariales of the Chambre des Notaires du Québec.

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