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In February of each year, dozens of organizations, institutions, and tribunals come together to offer the public an original and accessible experience. Find out about legal information sessions and open houses near you!

2021 Edition

This year, due to the pandemic, all activities will be held by phone, virtual platforms, or Facebook.

To discover these activities, consult the calendar (PDF in French) :

Juripop legal clinics


The Juripop legal clinics will take place by telephone, every Monday in February,

from 12:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Just call the following toll-free number:
1 833 808-0088


This year is different, but we are always close to you.


In February of each year, we bring together dozens of partner organizations to bring together, in one place, a range of legal information and education activities for the Quebec public.


Justice Month is…
● Hundreds of free legal consultations in the Montreal subway system
● Many organizations opening their doors to the public
● A day of reflection on access to justice


Every Monday in February, volunteer notaries and lawyers answer your questions on your way to and from work. Meet us at the McGill metro station to speak to a lawyer free of charge!


Public lectures, classroom workshops, and specialized legal clinics: Justice Month is also an opportunity to take advantage of some one hundred free activities offered by some many organizations access to justice throughout the province.


Before bowing out, Justice Month offers a one-day symposium where notaries, lawyers, professors and stakeholders come together to reflect on structural issues related to access to justice.

This activity is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Fonds d’Etudes Notariales de la Chambre des Notaires du Québec. We also thank the Centre d’accès à l’information juridique (CAIJ) and the Université du Québec à Montréal for their contribution, as well as the dozens of community organizations that open their doors to the public every year.

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