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Learning the law isn’t just for the classroom! Legal education can also be part of the workplace, the life of a community center or a gathering of neighbors. Familiarizing yourself with the legal concepts that shape our world can help you prevent conflicts and resolve them on your own, without resorting to the courts.


We offer a series of lectures and workshops designed to familiarize organizations, businesses and the public with the key legal concepts that shape their daily lives. These clear-language lectures last 90 minutes and are given by a Juripop lawyer, either virtually or in person.


We tailor our lectures to your schedule, even offering evening and weekend availability.

Introduction to Law

This introductory lecture aims to provide an overview of the legal structures that are important in our society, including where laws come from and where to find reliable information on the law. Participants will learn about the workings of the courts, criminal law, and civil liability.

Intellectual Property Law

This conference covers the principles of copyright, the creation of works, and image rights. Participants will learn the main principles of copyright protection, as well as the basics of how patents and trademarks work.

Housing Law

This conference covers the fundamental rights of tenants. From the signing of the lease to repairs to be made by the landlord, tenants will learn about their rights in relation to rent increases, evictions, and lease renewal.

Family Law

This conference covers the concepts of married and common-law spouses, parenting time, and child custody, as well as the main legal rules relating to divorce and alimony. Participants will learn the legal basics of family life.

Employers' Responsibilities and Obligations under Labor Law

This conference begins with an explanation of the different types of employment contracts, minimum employment standards, the discrimination-free hiring process, the obligations of each party during the performance of the employment contract, and the different ways of terminating it. We then explore the various remedies available to the parties in the event of a conflict, the gradation of sanctions, and the role of the CNESST.

Duties and Obligations of the NPO Board of Directors

This conference for boards of directors of not-for-profit organizations covers the legal structure of organizations, their civil, penal, and fiscal liability, and the sources of liability for board members. Your board of directors will learn the legal reflexes necessary for the sound management of your organization, and how to protect its liability.

Harassement and Violence in the Workplace

This conference addresses the various rights and obligations of employees and their employers with regard to harassment and violence in the workplace. Participants leave better informed about their rights and the remedies available to them. Juripop trains participants to master the definitions, signs to recognize, and mechanisms for protection and action that promote an inclusive and respectful workplace.


Prices are for a 90-minute conference, including time for questions. Need a customized experience? We can adapt to your needs for an additional fee.


Please note that conferences held in person and/or on weekends are subject to additional fees.


10 participants 20 participants 30 participants 50+ participants
Community Organization 350$ 450$ 550$ 750$
Government Agency 400$ 500$ 600$ 800$
Start-up Company 350$ 450$ 550$ 750$
SME 450$ 550$ 650$ 850$


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