19 May 2022

Juripop and the Quebec Cancer Foundation are joining forces to offer free legal services

Protecting Quebecers with cancer who find themselves in a precarious financial situation

The Quebec Cancer Foundation and Juripop are proud to be joining forces to offer free legal services to hundreds of Quebecers with cancer who find themselves in a precarious financial situation.

This partnership was entered into with the goal of helping people with cancer preserve their dignity and better face the onslaught of new and unexpected financial expenses that often go hand in hand with a cancer diagnosis.

By virtue of this new collaboration, which is effective immediately, people with cancer whose total income is inferior to certain financial thresholds will be eligible for free legal services, based on their needs.

“Our mission consists of providing regular tangible support to people living with cancer. Today, we’ve reached another milestone, and are continuing to offer yet more assistance in the most relevant manner. This partnership illustrates once again how we are stronger and better able to fight cancer when we work together.” – Marco Décelles, General Manager, Quebec Cancer Foundation

An initiative in every region across Quebec

This innovative measure will be available throughout the province thanks to Juripop’s team of lawyers and notaries, who will offer free legal assistance to people facing cancer and who find themselves in a precarious financial situation. The services provided with this measure will fall under the areas of civil law, family law, landlord/tenant law, contract law, and will and estate planning.

“I’m truly proud to underscore that Juripop is once again taking steps to ensure that everyone has a more equitable access to justice. We were determined to help, in our own way, those who are facing cancer, and this by providing them with free legal support. We hope that this partnership will lead to a permanent initiative that will help lighten the load on people living with cancer.”- Me Sophie Gagnon, Executive Director, Juripop

These services are made possible thanks to the financial support of the Notarial Studies Fund of the Chambre des notaires du Québec and the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

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